Selection of the IYLA International Training – September 2014

Posted on 10 Aralık 2014 · Posted in Bizden Haberler

Dear applicants and young friends,

We should thank for your great and sincere insterest to take part in our training on Youth in Peace Education. We are very much happy with your motivation letters, works and great enthisuasim to make your place better for you and for future generations.

We wish to accept all of you and host you here at our training. However, as you also remember, we have some criteria mentioned in the call. Based on these criteria and selection procedures, we have come up with the list of participants below. However, we will share our training manual with you at the end of the training on this website and we can send it to you via e-mail. We have received all your e-mails.

We hope you’ll continue with your great work and dedication in taking active part in your societies to make people’s life better.

Please accept our sincere regards.