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3-216x300Training was conducted on focusing Climate and Environment Challenges and Local Youth Initiatives on 26-30 September 2012 in Istanbul. This TOT was organized in order to raise awareness on local climate and environment problems and issues by youth among local citizens. Hereby, training is planned to establish local youth climate team members who lead local advocacy campaigns, write on offline and online media on issues and increase knowledge on climate change. At the end of the TOT, a blog was established:

• What is Habitat?
• Global Climate Change and its effects
• Solutions at the personal and city level
• Consumption Behaviors in combating environmental problems
The focus point of the training is asking young people to find the most significant environment problem in their own local districts or cities. Also, the other aims of the training are to encourage young people to discover and determine the non-governmental organizations working for environment and to create IYLA Climate Teams..


Since September 2012 until today, trainings were reached to 542 young people in 11 cities.