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Under the Gurntvig Project, Habitat Development and Governance Association partner, to develop “Peace Education for Adults”, under IYLA “Peace Training ffor the Youth” was realized in September 2014 within the participation of 28 young people from 19 countries. The facilitator of the project was Elif Kalan who is the IYLA project coordinator and the trainings were given by Sebastian Schweitzer and Israel Peralta.

• Perception and Prejudices about Peace and Conflict
• Peace and Human Rights
• Conflict Analysis and Resolution
• Conflict Transformation
The aim of the training is to empower young workers, young volunteers and young activists’capacities and talents to teach them peace and conflict concepts, make them use peace concept as a conflict resolution method and make them spread the word. Additionally, under the theoretical and practical content in the training content, youth participants have experienced conflict resolution processes actively.
30 young workers, youth rights activist and active young participants from Southeastern Europe, the Caucasus, the Middle East and Central Asia participated in the trainings. Foreign students living in Turkey also had the chance to participate in these trainings.