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About us

International Youth Leadership Academy

Since the new period has begun in January 2014, Habitat Association (Habitat) and UNICEF Turkey Office has been executing the International Youth Leadership Academy project. In this new process, IYLA is going to support and promote the idea of child friendly cities and child friendly municipalities. Additionally, IYLA continues to its projects aiming the empowerment of young people and enabling young people to be local leaders with equipped knowlegde, skills and attitudes they need.

The academy was established with an aim to improve young people’s knowledge, capabilities and leadership visions and also promote the partnership between them by facilitating their regional leadership. The training is improved and practiced by a strong partnership including organizations that are the professionals in their own specific curriculums.

Besides, IYLA is special with its feature of being the only youth center in Istanbul where young people from the Balkans, Southeastern Europe, Caucasus, Mediterranean, Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia gather and work in collaboration.

  • • Youth between 15-30
  • • Young women and disabled people
  • • Especially youth under the age of 20
  • • Young People with Various Disadvantageous Backgrounds (Young guests from Syria who are living in Turkey, homeless children, young migrants, working, condemned young people, young people who are seasonal workers or who are prone to commit a crime)
Our trainings are based on face-to-face peer education methodology. Our trainings include Instructor trainings and local trainings.
Instructor Training: Two people from each region (including Istanbul), from 8 region, can attend to instructor trainings. One female and one male are accepted from each region. Our instructor trainings generally take place in Istanbul. The subjects of these trainings can be improved through the agency of academic and non-governmental organizations according to demands from young people.

Local trainings: Our peer instructors give local trainings and they organize and generalize these trainings in their own cities and other cities voluntarily.

International Trainings: Professional instructors support young people to be active leaders in their own societies, in our trainings realised with young volunteers and young activists from Southeastern Europe, Caucasus, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. In this sense, after the international trainings young activists or young volunteers are supported as online or offline. Young people who have attended to the trainings continue their work in their own cities or countries as IYLA Fellow.

IYLA aimed to expand its knowledge and skills through developing partnerships with local institutions: schools, municipalities, governorates, local NGOs and public institutions. For instance, Negotiation and Mediation Training, Entrepreneurship -Supported by Technology- Training and Financial Literacy Trainings were organized in determined schools in one of the districts of Istanbul, Sisli, by Habitat and by its protocols within the Administration of Sisli, Istanbul. IYLA trainings were also organized at high schools, universities, local youth centers and councils. Our young volunteers and peer instructors generalized these trainings. Hereby, you can see the list of institutions and schools, which were engaged with IYLA activities and hosted IYLA workshops:

-Şişli Administration
-TEGV (Samsun, Yalova, İstanbul, İzmir, Denizli…)
- Hayat Sende Akademisi Gençlik Derneği- Ankara
- Korunmaya Muhtaç Çocuklar (KORUNCUK )Vakfı – Bolluca Köyü- İstanbul
- Türkiye Çocuklarına Yeniden Özgürlük Vakfı (Freedom for Turkish Children Association)
- Yaşayarak Öğrenme Merkezi(YAŞÖM)
- Sivas Cem Vakfı (Sivas Cem Association)
- Gençlik Kozası Çanakkale
- Türk Tıp Öğrencileri Birliği -Balçova-İzmir ve Ankara (Turkish Medicine Students Union)
- Genç Tema – Sivas (Young TEMA)
- Aydın Gençlik Merkezi (Center for the Youth in Aydin)
- Bingöl-Solhan Eğitim Derneği (Bingol-Solhan Training Association)
- Eskişehir Kızılay Gençlik Kolları (Kizilay Youth Branches in Eskisehir)
- Alternatif Gençlik Derneği –Gaziantep (Alternative Youth Association-Gaziantep)
- Siirt GAPGENÇ Festivali 2012 (Siirt GAPGENC Festival 2012)
- Adıyaman Gençlik ve Kültür Evi (Adiyaman Youth and Culture House)
- Batman Gençlik ve Kültür Evi (Batman Youth and Culture House)
- Diyarbakır Gençlik ve Kültür Evi (Diyarbakir Youth and Culture House)
- Gaziantep Gençlik ve Kültür Evi (Gaziantep Youth and Culture House)
- Şanlıurfa Gençlik ve Kültür Evi (Sanliurfa Youth and Culture House)
- Siirt Gençlik ve Kültür Evi (Siirt Youth and Culture House)
- Kilis Gençlik ve Kültür Evi (Kilis Youth and Culture House)
- Adana Gençlik Meclisi (Adana Youth Assembly)
- Van Gençlik Meclisi (Van Youth Assembly)
- Denizli Gençlik Meclisi (Denizli Youth Assembly)
- Alanya Gençlik Meclisi (Alanya Youth Assembly)
- Düzce Gençlik Meclisi (Duzce Youth Assembly)
- İzmir Kent Konseyi Gençlik Meclisi (Izmir City Council’s Youth Assembly)
- İzmir Karabağlar Gençlik Meclisi (Izmir Karabaglar Youth Assembly)
- Denizli Gençlik Meclisi ( Denizli Youth Assembly)
- Diyarbakır Gençlik Meclisi (Diyarbakir Youth Assembly)
- Adapazarı TES-İş Anadolu Lisesi (Adapazari TES-Is Anadolu Highschool)
- Ordu Endüstri Meslek Lisesi (Ordu Industrial Profession Highschool)
- Muş Ağaçlık İlköğretim Okulu (Mus Agaclik Primary School)
- Tavas Anadolu Öğretmen Lisesi (Tavas Anadolu Teacher’s Highschool)
- Tavas Bekir Güngör Sağlık Meslek Lisesi (Tavas Bekir Gungor Health Profession Highschool)
- Kahramanmaraş Baydemirli Boybeyli İlkokulu (Kahramanmaras Baydemirli Boybeyli Primary School)
- Silifke Taşeli Okulları (Silifke Taseli Schools)
- Şişli Yunus Emre Lisesi (Sisli Yunus Emre Highschool)
- Şişli Ahi Evran Ticaret Meslek Lisesi (Sisli Ahi Evran Commerce Profession Highscool)
- İstanbul Açı Lisesi (Istanbul Aci Highchool)
- Niğde Üniversitesi (Nigde University)
- İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi – Küresel Sorunlar Platformu (Istanbul Bilgi University- Global Issues Platform)
- Galatasaray Üniversitesi Diplomasi ve Hukuk Kulübü (Galatasaray University Diplomacy and Law Club)
- Cumhuriyet Üniversitesi (Cumhuriyet University)
- Kocaeli Üniversitesi (Kocaeli University)
- Harran Üniversitesi (Harran University)
- Özyeğin Üniversitesi (Ozyegin University)
- Center for Children’s Rights of Montenegro (Karadağ)
- Save the Children (Libya ve Irak)
- NGO PEN (Peer Educators Network) / Unicef Innovations Lab (Kosova)
- Anima Polis Association (Romanya) – PARTNERË PËR FËMIJËT (Arnavutluk)
- Association of citizens “Sane Childhood” (Makedonya)
- Human Rights and Conflict Rese arch Institute (Ermenistan)
- ASDAA association for Deaf (Mısır)
- Academy for Peace and Development (Gürcistan)
- Bina Movement Foundation (Tunus)
- Young Leaders Public Union (Azerbaycan)
- Youth Development AIDA (Ürdün)
- Algerian Red Crescent Association (Cezayir)
- Interkulturni Susreti (Bosna Hersek)
- Youth movement REVOLT (BosnaHersek)
- Model Organization of Islamic Cooperation (Mısır)
- Action Aid Denmark (Ürdün)
- Association of law students and young lawyers Pavel Satev Kocani(Makedonya)
- Regional youth Office-Uzice (Sırbistan)
- Association of culture and art “PejoMarkovic” (Bosna Hersek)
- Youth In Action Association (Afganistan)
- PIC: Peace International Center(Tunus)
- NGO “Public Advocacy” (Gürcistan)
- Gjakova Youth Centre (Kosova)
- Center for Interethnic Cooperation (Rusya)
- NGO Alternativa (Moldova)
- Türkmenistan
- Tema, Turmepa and President of Koç University Volunteers Environ ment Community (Turkey)
- Alternative Youth Association (Turkey)
- Şişli Youth Council (Turkey)
- Kumbara Sanat (Turkey)
- İzmir Youth Council (Turkey)
- Red Crescent Eskişehir – Youth Wings (Turkey)
- National Youth Parliament (Turkey) Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports – Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı (Kosova)
- Sri Lanka Islamic Student Movement Sri Lanka. (
- Obdusdman for Children (Bosna Hersek)
- Armenian Community of Georgia (Gürcistan)
- Children Charity Club (Kazakistan)
- Qiriazi Center (Kosova)
- Krik Juravlya (Kırgızistan)
- Day care center for children and youth (Karadağ)
- “Kamolot” – humanitarian movement of youth (Özbekistan)
- “Romaversitas” (Makedonya) – Legebitra (Slovenya) – Handicap International (Tacikistan)
- Center for Interethnic Cooperation (Rusya)

2010-2013: In total all IYLA Trainings conducted within the program have reached 4590 young people through 147 young volunteer peer trainers who have organized 288 local activities and trainings in 41 cities between September 2010-2013. In addition to IYLA national training curriculum, IYLA also organized and supported trainings on ICT, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship trainings. Our volunteer trainers from 41 cities as well as from various NGOs facilitated local trainings. With international trainings and our international networking training, 111 young people from 29 countries have also been reached.

2014- present: International trainings and workshops with Syrian young people living in Turkey still continue.