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ACTIVE VOLUNTEERISM Training of trainers was conducted on Active Volunteer-ism in December 2012 in partnership with UNV Turkey office. A tot was organized in order to raise awareness on volunterism, understanding of volunteerism; to increase the capacity of local youth NGOs on volunteer management; to enable youth in advocating volunteer initiatives. Therefore, young people who participated in this training were volunteers or professional youth workers who would contribute to the development of volunteerism culture.


  • Understanding volunteerism- Who/what is a volunteer?
  • Volunteerism-as a tool for sustainable development
  • Stakeholder in advocacy
  • Volunteer Management
  • Volunteer Policy
The aim of the training is to realize volunteerism workshops intended for the youth and to improve the perception of volinteerism. Also, especially we aim to support non-governmental organizations working for the sake of the youth and related associations to improve their capacity for the work of volunteerism management. This training is organized by the support of United Nations Volunteers Program.
Trainings are reached to 609 people in 13 cities.